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Managing clinical pathways: Strategies for success


January 2024

Managing clinical pathways: Strategies for success

A panel of experts, representing strategic oncology organizations renowned for pioneering unique pathways management approaches, share valuable insights on how to navigate the intricacies of practice-specific preferences and craft a winning pathway strategy that fosters widespread physician adoption.

Managing clinical pathways

Watch this video to:

  • Explore how clinical pathway tools support practices in establishing consistent, high-quality care while ensuring financial sustainability.

  • Develop approaches to achieve practice goals by utilizing NCCN guidelines, payer preferences, and site-specific preferences at the point of care.

  • Discover optimal methods for promoting the use of pathway tools to encourage their widespread adoption.

More about the speakers:

  • James Hamrick , MD, VP, Clinical Oncology, Flatiron Health (Moderator)

  • Jonas Congelli, RPh, Chief Strategy Officer, Hematology Oncology Associates of Central New York

  • Renee’ Pearl, MSN OCN, Director of Integrated Clinical Services, American Oncology Network

  • Lisa Raff, PharmD, Vice President of Pharmacy Services, OneOncology

  • Frederick Schnell, MD, Chief Medical Officer, National Cancer Treatment Alliance & Community Oncology Alliance

  • Daron Street, MD, President, Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute

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