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COA insights: How technology enhances value-based care initiatives


May 2024

COA insights: How technology enhances value-based care initiatives

Jonas Congelli, Chief Strategy Officer for Hematology Oncology Associates at Central New York, explains how Flatiron Assist™ helped the practice meet ASCO Oncology Medical Home pilot project standards for evidence-based medicine and adherence to NCCN Guidelines®.

Congelli highlights how Flatiron Assist™ has enabled the practice to demonstrate concordance to pathways, scale improvements, and drive physician adoption. These efforts have led to positive impacts on patient care and the demonstration of the center’s commitment to quality care standards. 

Watch the video to learn more about how Flatiron Assist™drives value for Hematology Oncology Associates at Central New York. 

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Congelli: My name is Jonas Congelli. I'm the Chief Strategy Officer for Hematology Oncology Associates at Central New York.

Flatiron: What challenge was your practice facing prior to using Flatiron Assist?

Congelli: The challenge that we were trying to solve with Flatiron Assist was we were participating in the ASCO Oncology Medical Home Pilot project, and one of the standards was on evidence-based medicine and showing how you were following guidelines, specifically the NCCN Guidelines. What they wanted you to use is a clinical pathway, so we reached out to ASCO to see whether or not we could use Flatiron Assist as our clinical pathway or decision support tool. They said yes after seeing the product and we were able to use them going forward.

Flatiron: What improvements has Flatiron Assist driven for your practice? 

Congelli: I would say the biggest improvement of using Flatiron Assist has been the ability to demonstrate adherence to evidence-based medicine. Using Flatiron Assist, we're able to show concordance to the NCCN Guidelines, and that has been very helpful in showing adherence to the ASCO Oncology Medical Home section on evidence-based medicine.

Flatiron: How has your practice been able to scale improvements?

Congelli: We've been able to scale improvements in the Flatiron system module in that when there's been updates with NCCN regimens or there's been new evidence, we've been able to utilize the Flatiron Assist upload tool and incorporate the new regimens that are available. 

Flatiron: How did your practice drive physician adoption of Flatiron Assist?

Congelli: Because of our participation with the ASCO Oncology Medical Home Project, we were able to further drive adoption using Flatiron Assist. I think oftentimes they do know what regimen they want to use, so they can very quickly get to the regimen that they want to be able to select for the patient. But for the most part, the adoption wasn't that difficult. I think they understood what we wanted to use the product for and they just use it.

Flatiron: Have you seen any positive impacts on your practice since participating in the ASCO Oncology Medical Home project?

Congelli: There's been a lot of intangible benefits that we've seen, certainly with patient care and standardizing how we manage patients. I think one of the things about Hematology Oncology Associates is we believe strongly in practice standards and the ASCO Oncology Medical Home was another way that we can demonstrate our commitment to positive and good quality care.


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