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Oncology practice setting classification in the US: Considerations for real world evidence


April 2024


Meadows ES, Reynolds M, Collin J, et al. Oncology practice setting classification in the US: considerations for real world evidence. . Poster presented at: ISPOR US 2024; May 5-8, 2024; Atlanta, GA. Accessed May 6, 2024.


In oncology real-world evidence (RWE) studies, variations in treatment patterns and patient characteristics often introduce the practice setting as a confounding factor. However, the absence of a standardized methodology for classifying oncology practices in the US presents challenges in adequately addressing these confounding effects.

In this study, researchers aim to fill this gap by evaluating existing classification schemes utilized in RWE studies. Through this evaluation, the study seeks to establish a standardized approach for categorizing oncology practices, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the accuracy and reliability of RWE analyses in oncology.

Why this matters

This study sheds light on the challenge of categorizing practice settings in oncology research, showcasing various approaches from basic to intricate classifications. It highlights the diversity within "community" cancer practices, encompassing differences in clinical trials and patient care access. By emphasizing the need for precise classification to mirror real-world scenarios, the study calls for additional research to explore how these distinctions influence treatment and outcomes, ultimately enhancing the accuracy of oncology research.

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