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The use of mobile electronic prescribing to drive quality of oncology care delivery


October 2023


Speicher S, Wynn F, Porter J. The use of mobile electronic prescribing to drive quality of oncology care delivery. Poster presented at: 2023 ASCO Quality Care Symposium; October 27-28, 2023; Boston, MA.  Accessed October 24, 2023. 

Our summary

The urgency of delivering medications to oncology patients in a timely manner is of growing significance. However, the constraints of electronic medical records (EMRs) confined to laptops or desktops pose a challenge for healthcare providers trying to access patient charts swiftly and prescribe necessary medications, especially outside of standard clinic hours. Time is of the essence for oncology patients. 

To address this critical issue and improve the quality of patient care, this project introduced a new ePrescribing feature to OncoAir™.This feature is explicitly designed for prescribing non-chemotherapy medications and narcotics to oncology patients efficiently.

Why this matters

This study emphasizes the importance of provider familiarity with OncoAir™ for optimal use. Integrating it seamlessly into workflows can enhance adoption, especially in clinical settings. Notably, the rise in after-hours usage highlights the app’s convenience in swiftly delivering patient care whenever patients need it. Nonetheless, timely medication delivery is vital in oncology care, and OncoAir™ stands as a potential solution. By reducing delays and easing stress for patients and physicians, this innovation can enhance the overall treatment experience.

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