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Flatiron Health and Smirta Innovations announce partnership to enable OncoSmart® for OncoEMR® customers


April 2024

Flatiron Health and Smirta Innovations announce partnership to enable OncoSmart® for OncoEMR® customers

Opportunity to improve workflow experiences, increasing efficiency and optimizing resources at oncology practices nationally

Flatiron Health, a leading healthtech company dedicated to expanding the possibilities of point of care solutions in oncology, and Smirta, a digital-health company using a data-driven platform to optimize resources and manage capacity for oncology practices, today announced a partnership to enable Smirta’s smart scheduling tool, OncoSmart®, within practices using Flatiron’s OncoEMR®, a leading cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR).

Building on the deployment of Smirta’s OncoSmart platform at several leading community oncology practices using OncoEMR, this partnership aims to bring advanced scheduling solutions to more oncology practices, including Flatiron’s network of 2,000 clinicians across 800 community-based cancer care locations across the U.S.

This partnership streamlines scheduling in OncoEMR, helping practices to optimize their treatment schedules for better resource utilization and a more efficient, balanced patient schedule throughout the day. Ultimately, these solutions reduce burnout, streamline the operations and improve the financial health of the practice, and improve the scheduling experience for providers and patients alike. 

Oncology practices using Smitra’s scheduling optimization tools have seen up to an 80% reduction in extended clinic hours and over 25% increase in unlocked capacity. This workflow efficiency reduces burdens placed on physicians and health care providers, saving time in the logistical process, and increasing opportunity to continue supporting best treatment options for patients with cancer. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Smirta and continue to find unique ways to improve our OncoEMR platform capabilities to better support oncologists and health care providers,” said Nina Chavez, VP Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, Flatiron Health. “This new partnership will enable us to make scheduling easier and faster for care providers, simplifying their workflows and equipping them with the tools they need to better understand how their patients might be best served.” 

“In the realm of cancer care, where patients are battling complex illnesses, efficient operations are paramount,” said Ram Iyengar, President, Smirta Innovations Inc. “Our collaboration with Flatiron Health marks a significant step forward in our mission to empower practices in maximizing resource utilization and capacity while streamlining patient flow. Smirta is dedicated to enhancing clinic efficiency, enabling seamless operations, and ultimately improving patient outcomes."

About Flatiron Health

Flatiron Health is a healthtech company expanding the possibilities for point of care solutions in oncology and using data for good to power smarter care for every person with cancer. Through machine learning and AI, real-world evidence, and breakthroughs in clinical trials, we continue to transform patients’ real-life experiences into knowledge and create a more modern, connected oncology ecosystem. Flatiron Health is an independent affiliate of the Roche Group.

About Smirta

Smirta Innovations is a digital health company with a focus on Resource Optimization and Capacity Management. Leveraging cutting-edge statistical modeling techniques and sophisticated optimization algorithms, Smirta is dedicated to maximizing resource utilization and capacity while streamlining patient flow, all while ensuring a balanced nurse workload throughout the day. By harnessing the power of AI and data-driven models, Smirta optimizes every aspect of healthcare operations, from appointment scheduling to resource allocation. Through precise forecasting and analysis, Smirta empowers healthcare providers to make informed decisions that enhance efficiency and improve patient outcomes.

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