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Clearview Cancer Institute achieves high concordance with NCCN Guidelines® using Flatiron Assist™


November 2023

Clearview Cancer Institute achieves high concordance with NCCN Guidelines® using Flatiron Assist™


By choosing a clinical decision platform that surfaces the most current NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®), Clearview Cancer Institute (CCI) drove concordance with evidence-based guidelines and achieved clinical, financial, and operational goals.

Equipping clinicians with evidence-based guidelines

As a leading multi-site cancer center in northern Alabama, Clearview Cancer Institute (CCI) strives to provide high quality cancer care to patients who visit any of their locations. In March of 2021, CCI adopted Flatiron Assist, an oncology-specific clinical decision platform built on NCCN Guidelines, to equip their clinicians with evidence-based treatment guidelines directly at the point of care with the goal of driving increased concordance, improved efficiencies, and better outcomes for patients. There are 20 Medical Oncologists using Flatiron Assist at CCI.

Flatiron Health has a strategic collaboration with National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) to ensure that the most up-to-date NCCN Guidelines are reflected at the point of care. Flatiron Assist™ surfaces NCCN Guidelines for 22 diseases at CCI. It takes between 4-8 weeks for NCCN Guideline updates to be reflected within Flatiron Assist™.


medical oncologists at CCI using Flatiron Assist™


hours saved per week on manual chart audits


concordance with NCCN Guidelines

Driving high concordance with NCCN Guidelines

Flatiron Assist is directly embedded into the EHR, enabling CCI to surface clearly labeled NCCN Guidelines within the existing treatment ordering workflow. Clinicians at CCI can ensure that they are selecting preferred regimens without having to open multiple screens or dig through PDF decision trees.

"With Flatiron Assist built right into our EHR, our clinicians can ensure that the treatments they choose are concordant with NCCN Guidelines without leaving their workflow,” said Michelle Brown, CRNP, Chief Operations Officer at CCI. The results are tangible – Flatiron Assist™ is driving 95% concordance with NCCN Guidelines at CCI.

Improved clinical, operational, and administrative efficiencies

Flatiron Assist has driven efficiencies across CCI, from medical oncologists and pharmacists to the data analytics, prior authorizations, and regimen teams.

Since implementation, CCI has seen a decrease of 20 hours per week spent auditing charts, a decrease in the time it takes to secure prior authorizations for services, and improved efficiencies across administrative and operational departments.

The clinical data reporting dashboard in Flatiron Assist tracks and reports on concordance and clinician adoption at the clinician, site, and system level. This data is leveraged by CCI to identify prescribing patterns and manage utilization of preferred pathways, fostering continual learning and improvement across the cancer center.

“Flatiron Assist has allowed us to decrease the administrative burden of capturing pathway compliance,” noted Brown. “The dashboard analytics we now capture in Flatiron Assist have helped us with our quality tracking. It allows us to communicate, in real time, the work that we are doing without the data delay associated with manual audits, which is preparing us for long-term success as we look to the future of value-driven cancer care.”

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