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Welcome to Flatiron's New Blog


July 2017

Welcome to Flatiron's New Blog

Many know Flatiron as a healthcare technology company that is on a mission to improve cancer care and accelerate cancer research. While we are indeed doing just that, we are also a team of 434 people. We are oncologists, scientists, software engineers, marketers, product managers, nurses, methodologists, financial analysts, data insights engineers, clinical content developers, customer support staffers, salespeople...the list goes on. We are a dynamic group, and each and everyone one of us is contributing to a lofty mission.

Just as we believe that we can build better methods of treating cancer by harnessing the experience of each individual patient, we believe that our company culture and our day-to-day operations are built off of the contributions and experiences of each individual Flatiron employee.

And we want to share it with you.

Our new Flatiron blog (featured on our brand new website!) will offer an inside look into what's going on at Flatiron – the work we do, the solutions we find and, most importantly, who we are.

We invite feedback – in fact, it's one of our core values – so please connect with us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.