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SCOPE Summit 2024: Advancing clinical research through collaboration and innovation


February 2024

SCOPE Summit 2024: Advancing clinical research through collaboration and innovation

From February 11th to 14th, clinical research professionals from across the globe gathered in Orlando for SCOPE Summit 2024, under the overarching theme of “collaboration, innovation, and strategic decision-making.” Across three presentations and one panel, Flatiron’s clinical research team demonstrated how Flatiron is uniquely positioned to address these themes throughout the clinical research spectrum, from strategic uses of real-world data (RWD) to enhance patient diversity within trials - and ways to innovative EHR-to-EDC technology to streamline data capture and transfer for studies.

SCOPE also served as an opportunity to take a pulse check on key trends that are top-of-mind in the clinical research field this year — below are our top trends and insights to monitor in 2024:   

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Unsurprisingly, the use of AI in clinical research continues to be one of the most talked-about concepts. Presentations and conversations ranged from how the FDA is thinking about AI, to how AI can accelerate insight generation from large datasets, and how AI can improve trial speed and overall efficiency - along with many more applications. While there is clear consensus that the use of AI can have an impact on clinical research, the extent of that impact, the right tools to have the best impact, and how to actually operationalize AI is still up for debate. In 2024, we expect much more experimentation and discussion around the appropriate uses of AI. 

Interested in Flatiron’s take? Read how our VP of Data Science is debunking the myths of artificial intelligence in cancer care.

Patient Diversity

2024 was the first year that SCOPE had a dedicated Patient-centric Trial Design and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) track, emphasizing the concerted efforts to translate diversity initiatives into actionable strategies. As part of having more actionable strategies, it’s clear that increasing diversity in trials is not just about finding more diverse patients, but also about designing trials with more inclusive eligibility criteria from the start and selecting sites that treat more diverse populations

Watch this video to hear Flatiron's VP of Research Oncology share future expectations for ensuring diversity in clinical trials.

Streamlined Operations

As the demands on clinical research sites intensify and the pressures of time and cost weigh heavily on sponsors, a shift towards streamlined and pragmatic approaches to clinical trials continues. In particular, opportunities to integrate real-world evidence (RWE) and RWD into clinical research operations emerged as a key strategy for streamlining operations, reducing site burden, and driving overall efficiency.

Listen to Flatiron's Director of Clinical Operations share a more pragmatic approach to running postmarketing commitments and postmarketing requirements (PMCs/PMRs).

2024 is sure to be a year of innovation and advancement in clinical research – Flatiron is excited to be part of that innovation, transforming clinical research through technology and operations that seamlessly integrate research into everyday clinical care. 

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